Gourmet Cooking Enrolment Kit
Gourmet Cooking Enrolment Kit

Gourmet Cooking Enrolment Kit

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Gourmet Cooking Kit  125pv

To all of our essential oil chefs out there, it’s time to light up the kitchen with our Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box!  Everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen, in one specially designed little box, that will meet your every culinary need!

Whether you’re a sweet tooth or like a little more spice, the Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box has the whole family covered! 

What’s special about our Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box?        This one comes with an exclusive recipe book curated by some of our favourite doTERRA chefs.

Whether you’re a fan of herb flavours, a citrus fanatic or a spicy kinda chef- this box will help meet your needs!

Let us help you bring your family together with this epic spread! Rosemary essential oil 15mL, Ginger essential oil 15mL, Basil essential oil 15mL, Fennel essential oil 15mL, Lime essential oil 15mL, Black Pepper essential oil  5mL and Cinnamon Bark essential oil 5mL covers all bases and ensures you fill the table with something for everyone! 

Within this Wellness Box you can find:


The oil that can do it all!  Do you love the zest of Lime Chicken Tacos, or looking for an extra zing in your Pad Thai?  Try adding 1-2 drops of Lime essential oil per serve to your Pad Thai.  It is all you need to create a dinner-time sensation!


That hot, spicy flavour you love is now at your finger tips!  Ginger essential oil can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.  Whether you like Gingerbread, or Asian dishes - Ginger is just what you need to bring the hot, spicy, yet sweet, warm flavour to any dish!  Add one to two drops to flavour your favourite dish. 

Black Pepper: 

Bring a bit of heat back into your kitchen with Black Pepper essential oil! Adding just one or two drops to your recipes instead of ground pepper, is a great flavour enhancer.  Create layers of flavour complexity, in ways you could never have imagined! 

Cinnamon Bark: 

For those Gourmet chefs looking to spice up their repertoire!  Cinnamon Bark essential oil can be added to desserts for a warming hint of spice, one to two drops is all you need, or you can add just 1 drop to a glass of warm milk for a sweet, spicy hot drink. 


Your pasta will never be the same again!  Add some herbal flavour to your favourite pasta dish with one drop of Basil essential oil  –  a unique flavour no one will see coming! 


The distinct sweet, liquorice flavour of Fennel essential oil adds a depth of flavour to desserts that the most gourmet of chefs strive for!  All it takes is 1-2 drops in your water or tea for a sweet flavour you won’t be able to match! 


Dinner just got a whole lot more tantalising with the addition of Rosemary essential oil!  Add one or two drops to your meat (500gms+) for a slightly minty, peppery flavour like no other! 


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